The Bill of Rights Webquest (by Elizabeth Coffey)

INTRODUCTION: You heard on the evening news that a committee in Washington has met and decided to do away with the Bill of Rights. The committee also announced that it will hear testimony from anyone wishing to speak in defense of the Bill of Rights and argue to keep it. As a citizen you are shocked and horrified. Immediately you call your Congressman and ask him what he is planning to do about this situation. He says he represents you, what position do you want him to take?
You tell your Congressman you would like him to support the Bill of Rights. He is to present the history of and the importance of the Bill of Rights.
2. As a citizen you must discover exactly what the Bill of Rights is and explain how it has impacted the lives of the people. Identify the Bill of Rights and explain what each right means. Identify the document that contains the Bill of Rights and explain its importance.
3. You know a friend that has had a close call with the law. Explore the ramifications of his situation as if there had been no rights. Explain what happens because of our rights and what could have happened without the Bill of Rights.
4. Another concerned citizen wants to testify before the committee. Select three rights out of the ten: Examine the each of three rights and give an example of their use or misuse in real situations. Be sure to list all ten rights not just the three you are looking at.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to present the information you found for the “Bill of Rights" Webquest. A total of 12 slides.
· Slide 1 – Title and group member names
· Slide 2-11 – list the 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights
o Each slide should contain the following information
1. A brief description about each amendment (all slides)
2. Layman’s terms describing the amendment (all slides)
3. A court case involving the amendment, giving an example of its use or misuse and the outcome of the case (3 slides)
· 3 of the slides need to contain research information
o Pick 1 from amendments 1-3
o Pick 1 from amendments 4-6
o Pick 1 from amendments 6-10
· Slide 12 – State the close call a friend had with the law (no names)
o How did the law help them
o What would/could have happened if there were no laws to protect them

Amendments Powerpoint -

Court Cases involving the first ten amendments:

1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
3rd Amendment
4th Amendment
5th Amendment
6th Amendment
7th Amendment
8th Amendment
9th Amendment or Roe vs. Wade
10th Amendment